Trudeau Imports Dictator Oil, Poilievre Would End Its Import and Produce More Canadian Energy

Poilievre to end overseas oil imports and ramp up oil & gas production to supply Canada and the world

Saint John, NB - Member of Parliament and candidate for Prime Minister Pierre Poilievre confirmed today his government would end imports of overseas oil to Canada within five years of taking office.

He announced he would end imports from polluting dictatorships, double Newfoundland’s offshore production, and get western Canadian oil to eastern Canadian markets.

“Countries around the world – especially our allies in Europe – are desperate for energy. Demand is through the roof, prices are high, and Canada has incredible supply. Meanwhile, we’re buying oil from foreign dictators and telling European leaders they’re out of luck,” said Poilievre. “Justin Trudeau supports oil—as long as it’s foreign oil. Every time he kills a Canadian energy project, dictators like Putin do a victory dance, because they get to dominate the world market.”

Despite abundant domestic resources, which could be extracted by Canadian workers at Canadian standards, Canada continues to import and refine oil from overseas. That leaves Canadian energy workers at home sometimes without paycheques in their field, while more overseas oil arrives here every day. As Canadian energy workers miss out on paycheques, European leaders fly to Canada to beg us for our resources but because Trudeau has spent years stalling and rejecting energy projects, we can’t help.

“Buying overseas oil from polluting dictatorships is terrible for our environment. It exports our jobs, our money, and our pollution to countries with poor horrible standards. Instead, let’s bring home the jobs, money, and business to the most environmentally responsible energy sector in the world here in Canada. We can supply our own market, and export our cleaner product to the world,” said Poilievre.

A Poilievre government would:

  1. Double Newfoundland’s oil production
  2. End oil from polluting dictatorships
  3. Support west-to-east energy projects like pipelines or rail construction

“Canada must take back control of our energy and reclaim independence. My government will end imports of overseas oil, and instead use our energy for our people in our country. We will remove government gatekeepers at home and stop paying dictators abroad,” said Poilievre. “Consumers will know when they fill up their tanks, they’re helping create paycheques for Canadians, not giving money to despots. My plan will let Canada take back control of its energy sources and let Canadians take back control of their lives.”

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