Statement on PBO's Distributional Analysis of Federal Carbon Pricing Report

Just this week, Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault said that when it comes to the carbon tax, eight in ten Canadian families will get more back than they pay.

That was a lie. The Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) confirmed as much in a report today.

The Trudeau-Brown-Charest Carbon Tax is way worse than we thought. In fact, it’s making a majority of Canadians poorer.

We already knew that 10% of the money taken from people by the carbon tax doesn’t get returned to them - now we know it’s way worse. As the report states: “Most households in provinces under the backstop will see a net loss resulting from federal carbon pricing under the HEHE plan. That is, household carbon costs will exceed the Climate Action Incentive payments households receive”.

The carbon tax is not net positive. It makes a majority of Canadians worse off. And it’s about to go up again in just one week.

Today’s PBO report proves what Canadians already knew. This tax is costing them. And combined with Justinflation, they just can’t take it anymore.

The carbon tax is making Canadian households poorer and paycheques less powerful. Only a Poilievre government will scrap the carbon tax and give people back control of their lives.