Remove Gatekeepers, So Newcomers Earn Paycheques Faster & Canada Gets More Doctors And Other Skilled Workers

Toronto, ON – Pierre Poilievre announced today that as Prime Minister, he would incentivize provinces to remove red tape, so qualified professionals and tradespeople who immigrate to Canada can earn bigger paycheques.

“Canada has always been a beacon of opportunity for immigrants. We welcome over 400,000 new Canadians every year, eager to contribute to their new communities, and benefit from of our country’s economic opportunity to support their families,” said Poilievre. “Many of these new Canadians have critical training and skills that our country sorely lacks. But there’s a problem: government gatekeepers are in the way”.

Getting licensed in some regulated professions can take more than 18 months. Instead of earning paycheques and helping Canadian businesses tackle labour shortages, hardworking immigrants are forced to wait in limbo without a concrete timeline for their licencing to be processed.

And it’s not just new Canadians who face these challenges. The skills our soldiers develop in the Armed Forces often go unrecognized in the credentialization process for related fields.

Pierre Poilievre has a plan to give new Canadians control of their lives. His government would implement:

1. The 60 Day Guarantee: Incentivize provinces and territories to require occupational licensing bodies to decide whether to grant an immigrant a license to work in their trade or profession within 60 days of getting the application.

2. Merit-Based Licenses: Approve people to work in their field by testing their skills and competence, not judging them by where they studied.

3. Empower professionals and tradespeople waiting to immigrate to Canada to work on getting their credentials before they arrive.

4. Additional study loans for new Canadians who need to upskill to get licensed in their fields.


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