Poilievre Would Unlock The Port Of Churchill As Part Of Plan To End Overseas Oil

Winnipeg, MB – Pierre Poilievre announced today that as Prime Minister of Canada, he would unlock the potential of Canada’s Arctic Ports and get Canadian oil moving through the Port of Churchill in Manitoba.

The successful upgrade and completion of the Port would allow Canada to ship an additional 100,000 barrels of oil via CanaPux, a revolutionary and safe way to transport oil, per day.

If a pipeline was to go to the Port, export capacity could increase by an additional 200,000 barrels of oil per day.

“Canada’s considerable domestic resources, which can be extracted by Canadian workers with Canadian standards, have not been able to get to market because projects like the Port of Churchill have been stymied by government gatekeepers”, said Poilievre.” My government will work to pre-approve permits required to export oil from the Port to markets around the world, giving investors the confidence they need to get it done”.

As part of his plan to end imports of overseas oil to Canada within five years of taking office, Poilievre has also committed to repealing anti-energy laws Bill C-69 and C-48, replacing them with clear and predictable new rules with hard deadlines that protect the environment, consult First Nations and provide them with paycheques and give quick decisions on energy projects. He has committed to doubling Newfoundland and Labrador’s oil production, banning oil from polluting dictatorships and supporting west-to-east energy projects like pipelines or rail construction.

“Trudeau supports oil - as long as it is foreign oil. His government gatekeepers have done everything they can to kill projects that would support Canadian energy. “My government will unlock the potential of Canada’s Arctic Port, and the Canadian paycheques it creates, and get our energy resources to the world.”