Poilievre Will Repeal Bills C-48 and C-69

Regina, SK – Pierre Poilievre, candidate for Prime Minister, today committed to repealing anti-energy and anti-pipeline legislation that limits Canadian prosperity and enriches dictators abroad.

“Justin Trudeau’s government has done everything it can to end resource extraction in Canada. Their goal is to stop production from happening, without ever actually admitting that’s what they’re doing,” said Poilievre. “That’s why they’ve implemented dozens of new rules and regulations that make it virtually impossible for development to occur.”

In 2014, there were 18 proposals across the country for new LNG projects. Today, not a single one of those projects have been built to completion. In that time, the United States successfully built seven, and now lays claim to 22% of the global market. This means that western Canadian based companies like Tourmaline in northern BC are forced to sign deals with US based plants that then sell Canadian sourced oil and gas under their own brands.

A report published in 2020 by IHS Markit, a financial analysis company, found that restricted market access caused by a lack of necessary energy infrastructure for heavy crude oil resulted in Canadian losses of $14 billion USD.

Bill C-69 set up a new level of government bureaucracy that analyzes infrastructure projects on a variety of Liberal priorities. C-48 is a ban on tankers on the BC coast, which makes it virtually impossible for Alberta’s oil to make it to market via the Pacific coast.

Bills C-69 and C-48 add absurd analysis requirements to the development of pipelines, allowing the government to hold up projects for years until companies finally simply abandon projects for lack of progress.

“The world needs Canada to step up and provide secure, ethical energy that can turn off the taps to the dictators. And we can create thousands of secure, good-paying jobs in the process,” said Poilievre. “As Prime Minister, I would replace Justin Trudeau’s anti-energy policies with a regulatory regime that truly protects the environment, consults First Nations and is able to render quick decisions on whether new projects will be approved.”

Mr. Poilievre is putting forward a plan that will put Canada back on the right path.