Poilievre Will End Imports Of Overseas Oil Within Five Years

Saint John, NB – Pierre Poilievre, who is running to be Prime Minister, today announced his future government will end imports of overseas oil to Canada within five years of taking office.

He’ll do this by banning imports from polluting dictatorships, doubling Newfoundland’s offshore production and moving western Canadian oil to eastern Canadian markets.

“Justin Trudeau supports oil—as long as it is foreign oil. Every time he kills a Canadian energy project, foreign dictators like Putin do a victory dance, because they get to dominate the world market,” said Poilievre. “Buying overseas oil from polluting dictatorships is terrible for our environment. It exports our jobs, our money and our pollution to countries with poor ecological standards. Instead, let us bring home the jobs, money and business to the most environmentally-responsible energy sector in the world here in Canada.”

Despite considerable domestic resources, which could be extracted by Canadian workers with Canadian standards, Canada continues to import and refine oil from overseas. In 2020, Canada imported roughly 73,000 barrels per day from Saudi Arabia. That leaves Canadian energy workers at home, sometimes without paycheques in their field, while more overseas oil arrives on our shores every day.

Poilievre would:

  1. Double Newfoundland’s oil production
  2. Ban oil from polluting dictatorships
  3. Support west-to-east energy projects like pipelines or rail construction

“Canada must take back control of its energy and reclaim independence. When I am Prime Minister, we will end imports of overseas oil, and instead use our energy for our people in our country. We will remove government gatekeepers at home and stop paying dictators abroad,” said Poilievre. “Consumers will know when they fill up their tanks they are providing paycheques for Canadians, not money for despots. Canadians will take back control of their lives in the freest country on earth.”