Poilievre Will Cut Taxes to Reward Work & Bring Business Back to Canada

Montreal, QC - Member of Parliament and Candidate for Prime Minister Pierre Poilievre announced today he will end the war on work, cut red tape and bring business back to Canada with a common sense reform to the tax system.

“The tax code acts as a gatekeeper, discouraging working Canadians businesses from working and growing here in Canada. We must simplify and cut taxes to make Canada the best place to work, save, invest, and make things. That means simple rules and low rates that reward work, boost paycheques and bring money, business, and production back to Canada.”

Within 60 days of forming government, a Poilievre government will appoint a Tax Reform Task Force which will report back within a year with specific actions to:

  1. Reward work with bigger paycheques by cutting taxes and claw backs on each extra dollar workers earn.
  2. Bring home business and paycheques by making Canada the best place to invest, hire and make stuff.
  3. Shift the share of the tax burden off the working poor and middle class by cracking down on tax dodging and evasion.
  4. Cut paperwork costs of doing taxes by 20% with less red tape and simpler rules.

“Why work? It doesn’t pay in Canada. When people earn an extra dollar, they can lose as much as 80 cents in taxes and claw backs of means-tested benefits,” said Poilievre. Even if workers are willing to pay that penalty, their output and earnings suffer because Canadian employers invest $11,000 less per employee in the technology and tools of work than American businesses. Meanwhile, tax dodging by a privileged few leaves working people carrying more of the nation’s tax burden.

“Let’s remove the gatekeepers, simplify the Canadian tax code, make work pay and give people back control of their lives”.

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