Poilievre Wants Major Canadian Energy Projects Approved

Ottawa, ON – Pierre Poilievre, candidate for Prime Minister, today announced his support for the Bay du Nord and LNG Newfoundland and Labrador projects:

“Getting the Bay du Nord and LNG Newfoundland and Labrador projects built is the best way to help Europe kick its addiction to Russian gas, and to create new, good-paying jobs here in Canada,” said Poilievre. “It helps Europe stand up to Putin. It means more money for Canadian paychecks, and less for Putin’s war chest.”

LNG Newfoundland and Labrador is proposing a $10 billion project that would liquefy and ship natural gas extracted off the east coast to Europe. Newfoundland is the closest point in North America to Europe, which means shorter shipping distances. If developed, it would produce some of the cleanest liquefied natural gas in the world. Local First Nations are partners in the project and will get pay checks for their people and self-sufficiency for their communities. In addition, blocking these projects hurts the environment. Natural gas can replace dirty coal-burning for electricity and reduce greenhouse gasses. There are thousands of coal plants around the world that could be shut down if Canada could provide the world with the clean natural gas it needs.

Similarly, Equinor is proposing to build an oil and gas production facility in the Atlantic Ocean, offshore of St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador. If approved, the Bay du Nord Development Project could produce up to 200,000 barrels daily. Equinor has signalled its intent to proceed with the project and is likely to make an investment decision in the next two years. A decision on the project is expected to come sometime this month, but according to a Radio-Canada report, in spite of overwhelming support for the project across Newfoundland and Labrador, Justin Trudeau and members of his cabinet are trying to shut down the project before it even starts. This course of action is so outrageous that even Liberal MPs elected in the province have publicly come out to denounce the path their own cabinet seems to be on.

“Every time Prime Minister Trudeau kills a Canadian energy project, dirty dictators like Putin or Maduro in Venezuela do a victory dance,” said Poilievre. "Because they get to sell more of their energy when we sell less.”

One of the most damaging laws put in place by the Liberal government is Bill C-69, which makes it almost impossible to ever get energy sector projects approved. Trudeau has also vetoed the Northern Gateway Pipeline and added red tape and bureaucracy to kill the Energy East pipeline, which would have taken western Canadian oil to eastern refineries. And his radical anti-energy Minister of the Environment Steven Guilbeault has made it clear he is committed to standing in the way of development.

A Pierre Poilievre-led Conservative government will remove the bureaucratic gatekeepers, so our workers can earn paychecks and our energy can power our allies against tyranny. Canada will take back control of its energy future and our workers will take back control of their lives. And the world will be a safer and greener place.”

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