Poilievre: Trudeau Is Failing Ukraine

Poilievre: Trudeau Is Failing Ukraine

Ottawa, ON - Today, Pierre Poilievre, candidate for Prime Minister, issued the following statement criticizing Justin Trudeau and his Liberal/NDP coalition government for moving too slowly to help Ukraine in the war against Russia:

“Conservatives have been calling on the government to send $10 million of lethal weapons sitting in storage to Ukraine since 2018. That weapons cache was only sent to Ukraine by the Liberals after the war in Ukraine started. It was too little, too late.

Last month, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy asked Trudeau for more support in the form of armoured personnel carriers, coastal anti-ship missiles and other weapon systems to stop the Russian invasion and the atrocities being committed against Ukrainians. Conservative MPs started calling on the government to send our soon-to-be-retired light armoured vehicles - Coyotes, Bisons and M113 tracked LAVs - to Ukraine in early March, later that month, pushed to send Harpoon anti-ship missiles to Ukraine to save Odessa. And just this week, the US announced it was going to send over 200 M113s.

Conservatives have been calling on the Government of Canada to do more - faster - for weeks, but Trudeau has been dragging his feet. Not only did the Minister of Defence do nothing to help Ukraine get these missiles, her office misled the media when they suggested the Americans had denied the request. The US never said anything of the sort, and the United Kingdom announced it would supply Ukraine with the very Harpoons Canada refused to send.

Justin Trudeau is embarrassing Canada on the world stage and failing Ukraine when they need our help the most. As Prime Minister, I will always stand with Ukraine to defend their democracy, freedoms and right to self-determination against Vladimir Putin and his barbaric war machine”.