Poilievre To Remove Taxes On Charitable Donations Of Crypto

Move would unlock more money for charity by giving crypto donations the same exemption already available for donations of stocks

Kelowna, B.C. - Candidate for Prime Minister Pierre Poilievre announced today that he would remove the capital gains tax from cryptocurrency donations to registered Canadian charities. 

“It’s time to give people back control of their money,” said Poilievre. “It should be just as easy for Canadians to donate cryptocurrency to help out their local animal shelter or food bank as it is to donate stocks”.

A Poilievre government would implement the Private Member’s Bill proposed by Dan Albas, Member of Parliament for Central Okanagan—Similkameen—Nicola to ensure that cryptocurrencies are treated just like stocks and bonds for the purpose of donations to registered Canadian charities and not subject to capital gains tax. This would incentivize charitable giving by those who buy and sell virtual currencies and is part of Poilievre’s policy to give Canadians the freedom to .

“My plan to give Canadians the freedom to use other kinds of money would give people more control of their finances and unleash Canadian generosity”, said Poilievre. “Charities and the people they support should benefit from the power of bitcoin and related technologies”.

Poilievre’s support of Albas’ Private Member’s Bill adds to his policy designed to give Canadians back control of their money and their lives by making Canada the freest country on earth.