Poilievre Tables Medical Freedom PMB - Would Let All Canadians Travel & Protect Jobs For Federal Employees Regardless of Vax Status

Regina, SK - Today, candidate for Prime Minister and MP Pierre Poilievre tabled the Prevention of Government-imposed Vaccination Mandates, a Private Member’s Bill that would stop the federal government from requiring that COVID-19 vaccination be a condition of employment for public servants and would allow Canadians to travel, regardless of their vaccination status.

“Trudeau’s unscientific restrictions and mandates must be repealed,” said Poilievre. He is dividing Canadians, violating the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and using divide–and-conquer politics to marginalize people while countries around the world move on from the pandemic”.

Provinces have finally removed most vaccination passport requirements and peer countries have returned to normal while the Liberal government continues to fire its employees who are not vaccinated and bar Canadians from traveling province-to-province. This baseless discrimination continues despite Trudeau’s own Public Health Officer having said “we need to get back to normalcy”.

“As I travel the country, I hear tragic stories from working people, suffering because of these cruel mandates,” said Poilievre. “Whether it is the son who cannot visit his dying mother two provinces over, or the federal employee who has been out of a job for months, people have lost control of their lives. My bill will reunite families, give people their jobs back, restore their sense of control and help make Canada the freest country on earth”.

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