Poilievre Says Yes To Saguenay LNG Plant And Marine Terminal And Reiterates Plan To Ban Overseas Oil

Gatineau, QC - Pierre Poilievre, who is running to be Prime Minister, today announced his future government will revisit energy projects that have been unfairly rejected by Liberal gatekeepers.

This will get ethical Canadian oil and gas to market and create paycheques and is another part of his energy policy which includes scrapping anti-energy bills C-69 and C48 and ending imports of overseas oil to Canada within five years of taking office.

"Justin Trudeau supports oil—as long as it is foreign oil. Every time he kills a Canadian energy project, foreign dictators like Putin do a victory dance, because they get to dominate the world market,” said Poilievre. “We need to get Canadian oil and gas to market, and that starts with inviting projects unfairly blocked by this government to re-apply for approval.”

Poilievre is committing specifically to giving federal approval to the GNL Quebec project, which is a $14 billion project to build a 780 km natural gas pipeline from northern Ontario to Saguenay, plus an LNG plant and marine terminal in Saguenay. As with all projects, the province of Quebec will need to approve permits, but Poilievre would encourage them to do so, given changing geopolitics and the global need for Canadian energy.

“This is a project that would export 11 million tonnes of LNG from Western Canada through Saguenay to global markets,” said Poilievre. “The GNL project is just one example of projects blocked by gatekeepers. Canada must take back control of its energy. When I am Prime Minister, we will end imports of overseas oil, scrap anti-energy laws Bill C-69 and C-48 and use Canadian energy to create new Canadian paycheques. We will remove government gatekeepers at home and stop paying dictators abroad”.