Poilievre Condemns Trudeau's Cowardly Turbine Decision, Proposes Long-Term Gas Supply Deal With Germany

Vancouver, BC - Candidate for Prime Minister Pierre Poilievre issued the following statement on the Trudeau government’s decision to undermine Russian sanctions:

“Since Russia invaded Ukraine, Justin Trudeau’s failure has been one of omission. He was too slow to supply Ukraine with weapons and to slap Russia with sanctions - and his anti-energy policies mean that Canada cannot supply Europe with the natural gas it needs to break its dependence on Russia. This gives Putin all the leverage.

Now Putin’s using that leverage. And the shocking decision by the Trudeau government to undermine sanctions means they are failing by commission.

Trudeau’s government has exempted Siemens from sanctions for two years. Putin-controlled Gazprom has sent key parts of its Nord Stream pipelines to Canada to be repaired, and now Trudeau is allowing them to be sent back, so Putin can continue to sell natural gas to Germany to finance his invasion of Ukraine, killing more innocent civilians. Ukrainian President Zelensky said Trudeau’s decision “will be perceived in Moscow exclusively as a manifestation of weakness”, and the World Ukrainian Congress has announced they are taking the Trudeau government to court to stop Canada from violating its own sanctions.

Trudeau’s decision to cave on his own sanctions is cowardly, and it’s not one I would have made. Instead, I would:

  1. Propose a long-term supply deal with Germany and other European allies to supply their countries with natural gas, break their dependence on Putin, and do our part to tip the scales in Ukraine’s favour.
  2. Get the gatekeepers out of the way, to develop resources here in Canada. 18 natural gas projects have stalled under Trudeau’s leadership. I would work to get projects approved. I have already committed to getting the Bay du Nord and LNG Newfoundland and Labrador projects built and to re-examining the Liberal decision to block the GNL Quebec project, a $14 billion project to build a 780 km natural gas pipeline from northern Ontario to Saguenay, plus an LNG plant and marine terminal in Saguenay.

A long-term deal with Germany (25 to 50 years, for example), and a predictable permitting process, would give Canadian investors the certainty they need to develop projects to produce Canadian energy and create more Canadian paycheques. It won’t change geopolitics today, but it will secure the future by making sure our gas-dependent allies won’t be exploited by the whims of dictators in years to come.

Let’s stick by our sanctions, supply Europe with natural gas, fight Putin, and create more Canadian paycheques.”

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