Poilievre Asks Freeland To Give Canadians A Gas Tax Break

Montreal, QC - Today, candidate for Prime Minister Pierre Poilievre wrote to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland asking her to give people a tax break on gasoline this summer.

“The price of gas in Canada is up 55% from last year. It’s so high, people are suffering - and there are no signs of relief” said Poilievre. “Everywhere I go I hear the same thing: Canadians are making really tough choices just to fill up their tanks with gas and get where they need to go.

Poilievre pointed to a series of government policy choices he blames for the high price of gas. He blamed the cost on Trudeau’s inflationary deficits, the gatekeepers standing in the way of oil and gas development, and the carbon tax, which just went up again on April 1st.

“Gas prices are up to $2.09/lt in the GTA, $2.15/lt in Montreal and $2.34/lt in Vancouver. Parents are opting not to drive their kids to see their grandparents on the weekend, just so they can afford to drive to work on Monday”, said Poilievre. “The Trudeau government, with the support of Patrick Brown and Jean Charest, designed a carbon tax to drive up the price of gas. Well, it’s out of control, and people are hurting. I’m asking them to give people a break and eliminate the gas tax, carbon tax, and GST on gas this summer. It’s the least they can do”.

Poilievre has promised to fight Justinflation by firing the governor of the Bank of Canada for failing to do his job and ending the money-printing deficits. He would cancel the Brown/Charest/Trudeau carbon tax and instead of creating cash, create more of what cash buys: produce more Canadian energy and food, and build more houses.


Pierre Poilievre's letter to Minister Freeland