Liberals Pour More Gas on the Inflation Fire

Ottawa, ON - Conservative Candidate for Prime Minister, Pierre Poilievre, today said Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland is worsening the inflation that she and Justin Trudeau caused.

“The cost of government is driving up the cost of living. A half-trillion dollars of inflationary deficits sent more money bidding up the cost of goods. Inflationary taxes ballooned the cost of producing those goods. The more Liberals spend, the more things cost. It is JustinFlation.

Now the Liberals want to pour more gasoline on the inflationary fire with bigger deficits that also risk driving up interest rates even faster, which will drive families into bankruptcy.

The steps to reverse inflation are obvious:

  1. Eliminate inflationary deficits;
  2. Lower gas, heat & grocery bills by axing the carbon tax and suspending gas taxes for the summer;
  3. Replace the Central Bank Governor with someone who will independently do the job of keeping inflation low;
  4. Instead of creating more cash, remove government gatekeepers to create more of what cash buys: energy, housing and food.

In other words: make more and spend less, with paycheques and not debt.

That is the best way to put Canadians back in charge of their lives and make Canada the world’s freest country.”

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