Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau: End the mandates

March 7, 2022

Prime Minister,

I wrote to you on February 8th, 2022 to express my concern about the divisive tactics you continued to use to make Canadians fear their neighbours.

Your tactics of calling decent people horrible names and destroying people’s livelihoods based on their personal health choices resulted directly in the protests in Ottawa and across Canada.

I wrote to you one month ago to call on you to drop your punitive, divisive, and un-scientific mandate. Many of your own caucus members have urged you to do the same, and even your own Chief Public Health Officer said that “we need to get back to some normalcy.” I called on you to do this because the rest of the world was already moving forward, while we moved backward. I called for you to:

  1. End all federal vaccine mandates:
    1. Allow unvaccinated public servants their jobs back and compensate them for the earnings lost since you suspended them without pay for their personal medical decisions.
    2. End the Canadian vaccine mandates on truckers crossing borders and pick up the phone and call President Joe Biden to demand he do likewise.
  2. Encourage an end to provincial mandates:
    Convene a meeting with the Premiers within one week to forge a voluntary consensus among them on clear and short timelines to lift all restrictions and end vaccine passports and mandates.
  3. State clearly that there will be no tax on the unvaccinated.

While provincial mandates have rolled back considerably, they have had nothing to do with your leadership. Nor have you made any meaningful move to end your unscientific and punitive mandates.
When Minister Seamus O’Regan was asked about the implementation of a provincial mandate he said, “Interprovincial? No, no. We are listening. Vaccine mandates are something we continue to listen to
stakeholders very keenly with but things change. Public health changes, science changes. Lots of things are changing. It’s very much in flux.”

Mr. Trudeau, countries around the world have taken major strides in restoring all the rights and freedoms that have been infringed on during this pandemic. Canada has taken only baby steps.

It is time for you to make things right, after your divisive and unscientific approach for the vast majority of the pandemic. You must end all federal vaccine mandates, and state clearly that there will be no tax on
unvaccinated Canadians.

I will close this letter with the same message I did last:

Do not allow your spite towards the trucker protest to stand in the way of doing the right thing. This is not about saving face. Your pride and ego come after the public interest.

Prime Minister, the power trip is over.

Give people back control of their lives.

You are their servant and not their master.

And let us commit to making Canada the freest country in the world.

Yours truly,

Pierre Poilievre, M.P.
Member of Parliament for Carleton
Candidate for Prime Minister