JustinFlation Hits 6.8%, The Highest Since 1991; Gas Prices Out Of Control

Ottawa, ON - Pierre Poilievre responded to new Consumer Price Index (CPI) numbers from Statistics Canada today in Ottawa: 

“The cost of government is driving up the cost of living. Inflationary deficits have sent a half-trillion dollars out to bid up the costs of goods. Inflationary taxes make it more costly for businesses to produce those goods. The more government spends, the more things cost.

Statistics Canada confirmed today what I hear day in and day out from Canadians I meet on the campaign trail - they can’t afford to buy groceries, fill their tanks with gas or buy a home for their families - and they’re getting desperate.

The number of new visitors to Canadian food banks has increased by as much as 60%. Gas prices are up to $2.09/lt in the GTA, $2.15/lt in Montreal and $2.34/lt in Vancouver with no signs of going down and despite rate hikes, home prices are still double what they were when Trudeau took office.

The only people who didn’t predict this are the gatekeepers who don’t feel the pain of inflation - the media, and the Liberals. These are the same people who, along with Patrick Brown and Jean Charest, designed a carbon tax to jack up the price of gas and then wonder how it got so expensive.

I have a “common cents” plan to fight Justinflation. As Prime Minister, I will:

  1. Fire the governor of the Bank of Canada for failing to do his job
  2. End the money-printing deficits
  3. Cancel the Brown/Charest/Trudeau carbon tax
  4. Instead of creating cash, create more of what cash buys: produce more Canadian energy and food, and build more houses

My plan will tackle inflation to give people back control of their lives and make Canada the freest country on earth”.

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