Justinflation Hits 5.7%, The Highest Since August 1991; Carbon Tax Makes It Even Worse

Ottawa, ON – Pierre Poilievre responded today to new Consumer Price Index (CPI) numbers from Statistics Canada.

“Predictably, Justinflation has hit an all-time high,” said Poilievre. “Justin Trudeau’s money-printing is making life more expensive. It means 35-year-olds are living in their parents’ basements and moms are having to cut back on groceries for their kids. People can’t even afford to fill up their cars with gas.”

According to a recent survey, 2-in-5 Canadians say they’re struggling to feed their family and 7-in-10 say they’re stressed over money. They have reason to be. Inflation in Canada today is the highest it’s been since August 1991 and has increased year-over-year by 5.7%. This increase is far higher than experts predicted.

“The only people who didn’t predict this are the gatekeepers who don’t feel the pain of inflation - the media, and the Liberals,” said Poilievre. “These same people deny that the Trudeau-Brown carbon tax is adding fuel to the fire. It’s time to get serious about inflation and give Canadians back control of their own future” Poilievre said, outlining his “common cents” plan to fight Justinflation:

  1. Stop the central bank from printing money to pay for government spending
  2. Cancel the Brown/Trudeau Carbon Tax
  3. Instead of creating cash, create more of what cash buys: Produce more Canadian energy and food, and build more houses

Just this week, Bank of Canada Governor Tiff Macklem admitted to the Finance Committee this week that the carbon tax added a full half a point to the inflation rate. As inflation rises because of $400 billion printed by the Trudeau government, Canadians are bracing for another blow. The Trudeau carbon tax, supported by Patrick Brown, will add fuel to the fire when it rises again on April 1st, taking even more out of Canadian paycheques.