Inflation Smashes Another 40-Year Record, As Trudeau Spending Sends Costs Soaring

Ottawa, ON - Pierre Poilievre responded to new Consumer Price Index (CPI) numbers from Statistics Canada today in Ottawa: 

“Inflation shattered another 40-year record in June after rising taxes and money-printing deficits increased the cost of living for families. The cost of government is driving up the cost of living. A half-trillion dollars of deficit spending is bidding up the cost of goods. Inflationary energy and payroll taxes are increasing the cost for businesses to produce those goods. The more Trudeau spends, the more things cost. It is JustinFlation.

A Poilievre government will defeat inflation by:

  1. Capping government spending with Pay-As-You-Go Law requiring the government find a dollar of savings for each new dollar of spending;
  2. Axing the carbon tax and payroll tax hikes to strengthen paycheques and lower energy prices
  3. Removing red tape and gatekeepers to allow businesses, farmers and workers to produce more affordable energy, food and housing.

Creating cash only bids up prices. Creating what cash buys makes things more affordable. Canada's economy must make more and cost less with paycheques and not debt”.

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