Scrap the carbon tax

Justin Trudeau's carbon tax is increasing the price of everything and making life more expensive.

Liberals have tried to mislead Canadians for several years on the carbon tax, calling it a “price” on carbon and claiming Canadians would make money from it, when according to the Parliamentary Budget Officer, Canadian households have been shortchanged $1.38 billion.

Costs for fuel, housing, and household goods have ballooned, and the Liberals plan to more than quadruple the current tax on gasoline, home heating, and other fuels.

Patrick Brown and Liberals like Jean Charest may want to join Justin Trudeau and introduce a carbon tax, but I disagree.

Hard-working Canadians from coast to coast are demanding the carbon tax be scrapped, and if I become Prime Minister, that's exactly what I'll do.

Sign this petition, and after, be sure to get your membership to support my plan to become Prime Minister and axe the carbon tax.

Will you sign?